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Mayor Lauren Poe executed GRU’s asset purchase agreement (APA) with GREC around 2:30 p.m. on Sept. 12, making it an effective and binding agreement. GRU must now finalize its financing plan before an anticipated closing in late October or early November. View the agreement here.

Due Diligence
Memorandum of Understanding
Frequently Asked Questions
Asset Purchase Agreement

GRU is dedicated to open and transparent communication with its customers. We created this page to make sure the public has easy access to information related to the purchase of GREC. We will continue to update the page with new information as it becomes available.

Message to Customers
Memorandum of Understanding
Frequently Asked Questions
Navigant Report

By the Numbers

Want more numbers? See our Utility Financing 101 primer.

How much GRU pays GREC each year just for the right to purchase power


$75,727,728 (annually)

How much GRU would pay if it buys GREC for $750 million


$48,000,000 (annually)

GRU OWNS GREC: SAVINGS OF $27,727,728 (annually)

Why Buy GREC?
GM talks GREC
Final Contract Docs
Rating Agency Presentation
Navigant Report
GREC Documents
Goldman Sachs Report