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Why should GRU purchase GREC?

 These Quick Facts tell the story.

Save customers

8 to 10 % off

their current electric bills

Purchase price of $750 million or less

Under current Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), pay $2.1 billion over next 27 years

Purchase saves ~$650+ million over lifetime of PPA

Takes advantage of record-low interest rates

Refinance at 50 basis points

above current rate of 30-year U.S. Treasury bonds

If interest rate goes above 50 basis points,

GRU can walk away

Independent inspection of facility to evaluate condition

A modified GREC could meet GRU’s future generation requirements

A modified GREC could replace aging power generating unit at Deerhaven, saving about $200 million

Owning the plant adds flexibility and builds GRU’s power generating portfolio

4-month exclusive negotiation rights after signed Memorandum of Understanding

Current arbitration continues if no agreement is reached